"Dan" is a red lineback dun gelding that I sold to Donnie Strapp from the Center Point, Texas area in  August
of 2010. I have sold him horses in the past and he has always paid me as promised.  Unfortunately, for  some
reason he has never paid for this horse.
 If by some chance you have purchased this horse, please be advised
that since I was never paid, he was not Donnie's to sell
The phone number I have for Donnie no longer works and he has not responded to any mail I have sent him.  I
do not know what the circumstances are, but if you know the location of Donnie Strapp, or of this, horse I would
appreciate any information you have. Please contact me at keithranches@yahoo.com or 210-846-1213.

                                                                                     THANK YOU.