DISCLOSURE:  Please Read Before Purchase
"First Time Buyers", Beginner, Novice or Intermediate riders are welcome to bring a Professional Trainer and/or  
Licensed Veterinarian with you when you purchase your horse.  "Prospective Buyers" are welcome to view and
inspect any horse(s) they are interested in purchasing, but they will not be permitted to ride in order to evaluate any
horse unless all the parties you need to make a purchase decision are present (this includes trainers and
veterinarians). Any evaluations, or opinions,or advice concerning the sale transaction or return of any horse from
anyone not present at the time of the purchase(such as a friend, farrier, trainer, veterinarian, etc.)will not be
considered or accepted by Keith Ranches. We only accept veterinarian written diagnosis as outlined in the Exchange
Option (below). Any horses purchased with the assistance of your trainer and/or veterinarian will not be eligible for
the "
30 Day Exchange Option Guarantee".   This is due to the fact that you have retained a professional to assist you
with your purchase. Keith Ranches does not want to be responsible for their decisions, they are supposed to know
what they are doing.  This option is designed to make the customer at ease in making their own decision. All payment
arrangements will be disclosed to the seller and agreed upon between
seller and buyer prior to riding and/or
evaluating of the horse(s) by the buyer. If you are
"SHOPPING" or a "TIRE KICKER", please don't come here!!! I am
in the business to
Sell Horses and am only interested in dealing with "SERIOUS BUYERS"!!!
If you are dissatisfied with your original purchase you have 30 days to exchange for another horse up to equal value from Keith Ranches
inventory. Any evaluations performed
after your purchase,  by a licensed veterinarian will require a second opinion by a veterinarian of my choice
before the "30 Day Exchange Option Guarantee" can be exercised. If your veterinarian mis-diagnosis your horse, they will be billed for all
expenses incurred by Keith Ranches,and when Keith Ranches is compensated in full, then  your" Exchange Option"can proceed, if your claim is
valid. Any pre-existing  soundness or health issues that show up after 30 days, that were un-detectable at the time of purchase will be evaluated
and resolved on an individual per sale basis.   Any horse(s) purchased with the pre-purchase assistance of a professional trainer and/or licensed
veterinarian will not be eligible for the "30 Day Exchange Option Guarantee".You must return your original purchase in as good or better
condition as when purchased, with no alterations of any kind. The exchange option is no charge for the first exchange unless the buyer requests a
more expensive horse.  If the horse is more valid. Any pre-existing  soundness or health issues that show up after 30 days, that were un-detectable
at the time of purchase will be evaluated expensive then the buyer must pay the difference in price at the time of the exchange. On any other
exchanges after the first exchange there will expensive then the buyer must pay the difference in price at the time of the exchange. On any other
exchanges after the first exchange there will be a $250.00 exchange a $250.00 exchange fee.
As of 12/1/14 I am no longer offering the " 30 Day Exchange Option Guarantee" for horses priced under $3500.00. You are
welcome (within 3 days of your purchase, at your expense) to get a "Pre-Purchase" Vet Check on the horse(s) you
purchase. The vet check must be preformed before the horse(s) leave Keith Ranches. If the horse(s) you purchase fails to
be sound or healthy for what he is recommended for ( such as a  "Trail Horse","Ranch Horse", or "Lesson Horse"), you will
be refunded your purchase money.
I will entertain some Trade-Ins towards horse purchases.
(no colts, yearlings, unbroke horses or stallions)
****Hauling Available****
$75.00 for first 25 loaded miles plus $2.50 per each additional loaded mile.

Keith Ranches
"Specializing in Safe, Gentle Horses for the  Beginner,
Novice, Intermediate and Experienced Rider."
Jackie Keith and Jodie Keith
Management / Sales
2447 East Borgfeld
San Antonio, Texas 78260
All Horses will be Shown by Appointment Only
Monday- Friday, and some Saturdays.
All Appointments need to be made at least
24 hours in advance.
Horses will NOT be Shown, Sold, or
Delivered on Sunday
FOR OVER $3500.00- up
  • No swollen joints, bad eyes, lameness, nor bad feet.
  • All horses will be free of any dangerous vices or habits.  
  • No cribbing, bucking, rearing, kicking, nor biting.
  • Some horses may have small cosmetic blemishes such as scratches or scars.
  • All horses ages are represented as indicated on their Coggins tests.             
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Comments & Compliments
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Reasonably Priced New & Used
Saddles and Tack
Available with each Horse
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"Jodie Keith"  
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$ Make Money With Horses $
By Don Blazer

Hey Jackie:  Sorry it’s been so long since I dropped
you a note.  I’ve attached a copy of my business
column for next month...sort of mentions you...Hope
all is going well and that business is good.

Best Wishes,        
         Don Blazer

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Doug and Ingrid Green
Marble Falls, TX
June 2015  

Please feel free to use on your web site if you

Click here
"Hi Jackie and Jodie,

I was surfing in the internet looking for gentle
horses for sale (in Europe though...) and
accidentally I bumped into your website. It's an
amazing job what you do, congratulations! All
those lovely horses, I wish I could ride one of
them! Best wishes from one European fan of

Dora Cseke, European Economic and Social
Click picture for more info
Hi Jackie!
I love the changes to the website, very nice! I had someone call
me from Brady a few weeks ago wanting a reference on you, and
of course I gave you a great one! We have bought 4 horses from
you over the years and they have all been awesome. Gary is
getting along really well with the big sorrel gelding he bought from
you last April, not only is he a steady trail horse, he is a fantastic
team penning horse, he finished in the top 10 in the fall series
last year, and will be chasing points again this year. Tyler, the
paint gelding I bought from you a couple of years ago, is my
favorite, not only does he trail ride and team pen, we won
honorable mention in a photo contest in the Pinto Horse
Association of America contest, pretty cool since we were up
against show horses, etc. Take care and if you ever need a
reference, you have my number, feel free to have them call me.
     Jeanne Hahn
Click picture for info and video

This is the picture of my son and his new horse after their
first play day together. They won ribbons in every event
for placing in the top eight. My son has been working very
hard with his horse teaching him the play day patterns,
and just as you said the horse has done everything asked
of him with no problems at all. My son would not trade this
horse for anything in the world and his mom and I are
extremely proud of both of them. Thanks again for

Patrick Lange
Cuero, TX

Click Here for Photo
elizabeth meyer                                       Jul 27


Thanks Jodie,

I checked out your website and it looks like you are doing a
great job selling horses. i loved your intro video because
you are working off experience, not anything else. That is
worth so much.

Thanks for your reply. I'd love to meet y'all and see your
operation. You know how to do a business. I could take
lessons on that aspect of things!

Click here for more info and video
Click picture for info and video

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Bush (more recently
AKA Dakota).  After arriving home, I fed and watered him, then saddled
him up (with the new saddle and tack I purchased from you).  I took him
on 45 minute to hour ride around the area here.  He was great.  He did
everything I asked him to do, and nothing I didn’t ask him to do.  I was
very comfortable on him.  I’m looking forward to taking him out on the
Children’s Hospital ride in two weeks.

Please pass on my regards and appreciation to Jodie and the two
wonderful young ladies you have working for you.  I really enjoyed
visiting with you all.

Thanks and God bless,

W. Dallas Moore
Major, Aviation (Ret)
U.S. Army
 Click picture for info and video